The Cane Corso is a Molosser dog originating from Italy. In its home country, the breed is mostly used as a guard dog but also serves as a family companion, being one of the most popular dog breeds in Italy. Below, you’ll find ten interesting facts and curiosities about the breed that you may not have known before!

“Corso” in Cane Corso Means “Robust” or “Farm Guardian”…

The term “Corso” in Cane Corso is a dialectal word that, in Apulia, means “robust.” It can also refer to the Latin wordcohors,” meaning farm guardian, derived from the Greek wordkortos,” which means “courtyard.” There’s no doubt that it’s a robust dog that functions well as a guard dog! [source]

Renowned for Its Robust Size…

The breed is classified as medium to large. These dogs are known for their powerful yet elegant build. They have a typical mastiff appearance. According to the breed standard, the male’s height at the withers should be 6468 centimeters (25-26.5 inches), with a weight of 45 50 kilograms (99 – 110 pounds). The female’s height at the withers should be 60 64 centimeters (23,5 – 25 inches), with a weight of 40 45 kilograms (88 – 99 pounds). Another distinctive feature of the Cane Corso is their large heads[source]

It’s Actually a Very Ancient Breed…

The Roman Empire didn’t only use Rottweilers as war dogs. The Cane Corso also traces back to ancient Greece and served as war dogs that were initially part of the military. When the Romans conquered the Greek islands, they brought these dogs back to Italy and crossbred them with Italian dogs. Over the centuries, the breed became well-rounded farm and estate guardians. They were also used for hunting. [source]

Highly Loyal and Affectionate – to Its Family…

This is not a dog that becomes best friends with everyone it meets, as the Golden Retriever breed, for example, is known for. In fact, they are generally indifferent to other dogs and people outside their family. However, they are intensely loyal and protective of their own family. A more secure partner by your side is hard to find. [source]

Not Only Extremely Loyal – Also Sensitive and Easily Affected by Your Mood…

A Cane Corso usually adapts easily to your mood and emotions. The dog may even believe that it is the cause of your happiness, sadness, anger, or possibly pride. [source]

Thrives When Given a Job…

Like many other dog breeds, Cane Corso dogs thrive best when mentally and physically stimulated. They are at their best when given a task, whether it’s working on a farm or “assisting” with children. In fact, the breed excels in dog sports like tracking and agility, making them suitable as guard or police dogs. [source]

Vocalizes and Socializes Freely…

If you plan on bringing a new family member into your home, such as this breed, you should be aware that it is also quite “talkative” – at least, it likes to vocalize, producing sounds like grunts, howls, snorts, barks, and other dog-like noises. If you need someone to talk to, this is the perfect breed for you! And for those who already own a Cane Corso, you are probably already familiar with the breed’s “chattiness.” [source]

An Intelligent and Strong-Willed Breed…

They are known for having a strong will and intelligence, which can make them a bit challenging to train. But once they learn something, they tend to keep doing it over and over again, as if they are proud of their skills. This characteristic of the Cane Corso makes them both entertaining and motivating to work with during training. [source]

Excellent Swimmers…

Despite their large and heavy bodies, Cane Corsos are excellent swimmers. Many people mistakenly believe that large-bodied dogs cannot swim well, but Cane Corsos are skilled swimmers and enjoy being in the water. This is one of the reasons they are often used as rescue dogs on beaches and swimming pools around the world. [source]

Skip the Theater Performances – Get a Cane Corso…

Another fun fact about the Cane Corso is that they are known to be “actors” and sometimes quite “dramatic.” They can make the most entertaining facial expressions and sounds when they feel happy or excited. Many Cane Corso owners laugh at their dog’s “facial expressions” and “theatrical personality.” This trait of the breed makes them a fun and entertaining companion. [source]

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