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Breaking Bad is one of the most acclaimed TV series of all time, and its complex story and characters have captivated the audience from the very beginning. But behind the scenes, there are a plethora of fascinating facts and interesting anecdotes that can shed new light on this modern classic. In this article, we will explore ten facts about Breaking Bad that you probably didn’t know before, and delve into the secrets that made the series a sensation. So let’s take a journey back to Albuquerque and dig deeper into the world of Breaking Bad!

The title of the last episode in Breaking Bad was incredibly clever…

The final episode of Breaking Bad was titled “Felina.” Not only is it an anagram for “Finale,” but it’s also the name of the song that played in the episode, which essentially summarized the plot in its lyrics, even though it was written decades earlier. And the cleverness of this title doesn’t stop there. It’s also a chemical breakdown: “Fe” “Li” “Na” = Iron, Lithium, Sodium = Blood, Meth, Tears. [source]

Aaron Paul auditioned for Malcolm – a genius in the family…

The seeds of Breaking Bad go back to when Aaron Paul auditioned for the role of Francis in the hit series Malcolm in the Middle, with Bryan Cranston in the lead role. However, Christopher Masterson ultimately got the role of Francis. [source]

RJ Mitte has cerebral palsy in real life…

RJ Mitte, who plays Walt Jr. in the series, actually has cerebral palsy in real life, just like his character. However, his real-life condition is much milder than what is portrayed by his character, and he had to learn to walk with crutches and slow down his speech to play the role. [source]

Gus was originally a completely different character with a different introduction…

Gus Fring was originally written as a character named Keyser Söze, a reference to the film The Usual Suspects. Ironically, Giancarlo Esposito, who played Gus, also appeared in The Usual Suspects. [source]

SaveWalterWhite.com exists for real…

Do you remember the website that Walter Jr. created for his cancer-stricken father in season one? His plan was simple: to ask people to donate money to help pay for Walter’s medical bills. The fun part is that you can actually visit SaveWalterWhite.com. If you click on the link to donate money, you will be directed to AMC’s website. [source]

Jesse says “bitch” 54 times throughout the series…

Jesse Pinkman became iconic for his use of the word “bitch” and would repeat it in practically every talk show he appeared on. And it’s not surprising, considering how wholeheartedly he said it! He says it a total of 54 times throughout the entire 62 episodes of the series, which is almost once per episode, on average. [source]

Todd committed the most crimes of all – by far…

Of all the crimes committed by Breaking Bad characters, Todd (pictured below) committed the widest range of illegal acts: murder, child murder, robbery, involvement in the murder of federal agents, conspiracy to commit murder, meth manufacturing, meth distribution, arson, burglary and trespassing, kidnapping, harboring a meth lab, carrying illegal firearms, theft, and obstructing justice. In other words, it’s quite a long list of offenses and could likely keep the character in prison for life. [source]

Jesse Pinkman was originally meant to die in season one…

On the DVD audio commentaries for season one, Vince Gilligan revealed that Jesse was originally supposed to die at the end of season one. However, they changed their minds after seeing Aaron Paul’s performance, and he became the show’s second lead. In fact, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White are the only two characters who actually appear in every episode of the series. [source]

Vince Gilligan wanted Walter to be the one actively responsible for Jane’s death…

The Breaking Bad writers got into a debate about how far Walter should go in the season two finale. Vince Gilligan thought Walter should actually kill the comatose Jane by moving her into a position where she would suffocate to death. The other writers argued that it would make the audience disconnect from Walter too early in the series. Ultimately, Gilligan agreed that it was best for Walter not to be the one to kill Jane, even though he, in a way, did so by actively not helping her when she started to vomit. If he had just moved her, she might have survived. [source]

Samuel L. Jackson almost had a cameo in Breaking Bad

One day, actor Samuel L. Jackson showed up unannounced during the filming of the Pollos Hermanos set, dressed in his Nick Fury costume from The Avengers. Both Breaking Bad and The Avengers were in production at nearby studios, and Jackson wanted to be an extra during the scene being filmed. However, it never happened. [source]

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