Jews have been persecuted and oppressed since the inception of the religion. Something we all associate with Judaism is Nazism during World War II when Adolf Hitler wanted to completely eradicate the religion. Despite millions of Jews losing their lives, the religion is still widespread and significant today. Therefore, we present here ten facts that you probably didn’t know about Judaism.

A lot of celebrations…

Within Judaism, there are four different types of New Year celebrations.

Rabbi invented speed dating…

Speed dating,” which is immensely popular, especially in the United States, was invented by a Jewish rabbi back in 1999.

Converted to Judaism…

Marilyn Monroe converted to Judaism when she married her husband, Arthur Miller.

Hated his own religion…

Despite being Jewish himself, Karl Marx (pictured below) despised Judaism. He is reported to have said that God is the God of envy over Israel.

Admits being wrong – if proven…

Since the 1200s, Judaism has operated under the philosophy that if the religion can be scientifically or philosophically disproven, it is in error. In other words, Judaism is one of the few religions that acknowledge being wrong if it can be disproven.

Work is almost considered sacred…

In Judaism, being able to offer or find someone a job, enabling them to be self-sufficient, is the highest form of service one can provide.

Star Trek took inspiration from Judaism…

The classic Vulcan salute that Mr. Spock gives in Star Trek (see the image below) is actually taken from the Jewish tradition, which priests used for blessings.

Everyone is welcome in heaven…

According to the religion, you don’t need to be Jewish to reach heaven.

Some believe the chosen one has already lived…

A small faction of Jews believes that “the chosen one,” a rabbi, has already lived and died in 1994. According to their belief, he was a messenger from God.

Nazis converted…

At least 400 Nazis from Germany converted to Judaism and moved to Israel after the end of World War II.

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