The Beagle is a dog breed originating from the United Kingdom. It is a small scent hound of the brachycephalic type, closely related to the foxhound and harrier breeds. Originally bred for tracking and trailing hares, the Beagle has now become a common companion dog. In a survey conducted in 2012/2013, the Beagle ranked among the top ten most popular dog breeds in the world. Do you have a little Beagle at home? Or are you considering adding a new family member? Then you should read these ten curiosities about the breed in question!

Why Beagles Usually Have White Tail Tips…

Have you ever wondered why it’s easy to spot a Beagle from a distance? Those wagging white tail tips are likely the main reason. This isn’t just a coincidence. As hunting dogs, it was practical for the hunter to be able to locate the dog in tall grass. That’s why Beagles were deliberately bred with white tail tips. [source]

Enhancing the Sense of Smell with Ears for Beagles…

How can you not love those floppy Beagle ears? Well, they’re not just cute – they serve a purpose too! With their nose to the ground, the long ears create micro air currents, enhancing the sense of smell. This little breeze actually stirs up scent molecules that travel up to the nose. [source]

Speaking of Scents…

Beagles belong to a group of dogs called scent hounds. This is due to their incredible talent for picking up a scent and following it. In fact, Beagles have approximately 220 million scent receptors in their noses, which is about 44 times more than humans. Moreover, the area of the brain responsible for smelling is much larger in dogs. [source]

Odie in Garfield is Inspired by a Beagle…

The cat Garfield, the lazy Monday-hating cat that loves lasagna, has a love-hate relationship with the dog odie. But did you know that the dog odie was inspired by a Beagle? The only time he isn’t depicted as a Beagle is in the movies, where he’s portrayed as a Dachshund. However, the most famous Beagle is probably Snoopy. [source]

Doesn’t Thrive in Solitude…

With their hunting heritage, it’s important for Beagles to feel like part of a pack. On the plus side, they usually get along well with other dogs. On the downside, they don’t like being alone and may suffer from separation anxiety. Being alone for too long can result in them becoming very noisy and “singing” (or howling) loudly, which may not always be popular with neighbors. Alternatively, they might develop unwanted habits, such as chewing furniture or digging up the garden. Beagles thrive best with plenty of exercise. [source]

A Very Vocal Breed…

Beagles have a voice, and they’re not afraid to use it. Just as people communicate with their voices, so do Beagles. They have a repertoire of sounds that help other dogs understand their mood. They start with the standard bark, which alerts their owner that, for instance, someone is at the front door. They also have a special yodeling howl for the most exciting moments, like picking up an interesting scent trail, for example. Last but not least, they also have a more mournful howl, signaling boredom or sadness. [source]

However, They’re Prone to Escaping…

As hunting dogs, Beagles are used to running… and running… and running. They’re also great problem solvers and aren’t shy about overcoming obstacles that might otherwise prevent them from following a scent trail. However, it’s a good idea to always have the dogs in enclosed areas when they’re off-leash – thanks to their problem-solving abilities, they tend to be prone to escaping. And they’re incredibly skilled jumpers, to top it all off! [source]

The Most Common Breed for Animal Testing…

Contrary to their popularity as pets, Beagles are the most commonly used dogs for animal testing. Beagles trust humans more than any other animal, which unfortunately makes them a prime choice for experimentation in various industries. [source]

Requires Very Little Grooming…

Since Beagles have short coats, shedding isn’t very noticeable. Their fur tends to thicken during the winter. They do shed a bit more during the spring season. Overall, Beagles don’t require constant or frequent bathing. [source]

One of the Friendliest Dog Breeds…

Beagles are generally curious and have a playful character. They’re not defensive or particularly territorial. Beagles enjoy being around other dogs and will always get along with other animals because they treat them as “friends” rather than a threat. [source]

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